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[VIDEO] Ticket to Paradise

Julia Roberts and George Clooney, can it go wrong?

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RE: Sherwood, new bbc1 drama

Well that was fabulous, really great British drama, top acting and a shoe in come awards time, really clever story right to the last scene and I can't recommend it enough, and

2nd season announced at the end which scares me a little, hope they dont ruin it

RE: [VIDEO] My Old School

aye mental older guy went back to school and got away with it for yonks!!!

Aye just googled it 1993 Bearsden Academy, remember the story well, mental what people will believe and it is a documentary

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RE: [VIDEO] My Old School

im not sure it isn't kind of, it is a true quite remarkable story

[VIDEO] RE:My Chess Set (well nearly)

this is a making off including pouring pieces he made last year

[VIDEO] The Old Man

Another cracking show and cast, 1st 2 episodes really good

I figure they checked his number and his calls and put the woman in the next cabin but probably completely wrong

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RE: [VIDEO] The Orville Season 3

im much preferring the more serious sci-fi this episode shows it obviously has a long term story arc

RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

3rd episode another cracker, this is by far and away my favourite MCU tv show, love the cast and the back story, I would happily let her parents adopt me, had a huge smile through the wedding and now it seems we know where the show is heading at least short term.

RE: Sherwood, new bbc1 drama

another couple of brilliant episodes, I guess being working class and growing up in Thatchers Britain and all that entailed and remembering a lot of this and recognising the community spirit that was ripped apart it does touch a nerve with me. melding that and a fascinating murder story was always going to be a winner but the cast is just staggering and all nail their part as far as I'm concerned

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RE: [VIDEO] Halo (Paramount+)

I made it from memory to episode 4 or 5

[VIDEO] RE:My Chess Set (well nearly)

I thought this was really interesting and very informative 

RE: [VIDEO] My Chess Set (well nearly)

the pieces are flush on the board, its not cheap definitely but iv stopped (for the moment) buying sovereigns after I got the 2022 one which I would recommend anyone to buy as its if history of previous special year and special designs is anything to go by will almost certainly get a good return down the line, and the chess set is an investment as well, worst case scenario it will hold its value and almost certainly rise in value its just the amount with silver you are never sure about whereas gold you can make a more informed guesstimate :) and currently at £200-£300 per month I can manage without it hurting too much knowing I'm basically putting it in the bank and get some joy with it in the mean time

snaps if you want to learn with me that would be good

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RE: [VIDEO] My Chess Set (well nearly)

That's my set, I was going to get the black pawns next but I have changed my mind and am desperate to see the finished set so next will pay for the king and bishop and go on from there then go for the others and move onto the blacks

[VIDEO] RE:My Chess Set (well nearly)

Backyard Bullion just put up his video, incredible really and can't wait to get it bought and paid for

RE: [VIDEO] The Orville Season 3

can't say iv noticed it myself

[VIDEO] RE: My Chess Set (well nearly)

the whole set is a fully hallmarked solid silver set hence the Subscription model as I couldn't afford the full price in one go, am actually ahead of the schedule I set myself so far which would take me almost 3 years hence the reason I got the board delivered with the 1st pawn set as looking at it makes me want to get it finished all the quicker, backyard bullion has done a video when he posts it ill link it in here, in the meantime this is his extraordinary polished silver pyramid and the overhead shot on the grass took my breath away :)

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RE: [VIDEO] What are you listening to now??? (Music recomendations)

I honestly dont know what's going on with me lately but been picking up more vinyl since I got the record player which has radio, blu tooth tape and CD player and last 2 vinyl I picked up were a Miles Davis LP and Charlie Parker LP and I picked up a Mozart CD that I have played constantly over the last 4 or 5 days in background while I play Civ and I have no clue when my taste changed so drastically

RE: Arsenal 22/23 Season

tbf that looks like a cracking start you have there

My Chess Set (well nearly)

So I have always wanted a really nice chess set, to be honest more for displaying than anything else as I am crap and dont really have anyone to play against to improve now that I have time, anyway over on the silver forum where I spend a lot of my time when I'm not here since I started seriously collecting gold and silver coins backyard bullion and I discussed getting one made in silver on a kind of Subscription model as silver isn't cheap.After considering it I pulled the plug and ordered it, now I have just received the board, with storage and full 1st set of pawns and thought I would share it with you guys :)

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RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

This show is a joy to behold :) real throwback to spider mans high school original but its focus on the Muslim heritage and teen angst works surprisingly well, I had a huge smile all show with some cracking and genuine LOL moments and her musical number just perfect, and again her family and the dynamic it creates is fabulous

RE: Sherwood, new bbc1 drama

cracking episode again which moves storyline in another fascinating direction and do not look till you have seen 2nd episode major spoiler 
holy s*** didn't see that ending at all, was thinking he was the copper?

Sherwood, new bbc1 drama

I didn't want to put a trailer due to spoilers but this is British drama at its best, drawing on historical differences in communities going back to the miners strikes but top writing, incredibly well paced and I can't remember seeing a better British ensemble cast on TV, 1st episode was stunning I thought and if they were all loaded to the iplayer I would definitely have binge watched them all WWAW

RE: [VIDEO] The Outlaws

Loved it, different from 1st series but enjoyed it more and really intriguing the character development all round leading to a brilliant finale which is purely down to the writing which was just superb. as much as I enjoyed it unless they go on a whole new direction they should leave on a high

[VIDEO] Day Shift

Hell yes :)

RE: [VIDEO] The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

really enjoyed it too, Cage being Cage worked perfectly and some truly lovely scenes in among the crazy severely OTT cageness worked supremely well, some cracking hilarious action scenes and the nod and a wink to his considerable back catalogue was the cherry on top for me, WWAW :) SPOILER:
cage making out with cage was genius :)


im still trying to talk myself into watching episode 2 I was so underwhelmed by the 1st episode while loving The Orville 1st 2 and Strange New Worlds upto episode 6 and the very entertaining Ms Marvel 1st episode I think they have got the vibe of Obi completely wrong (for me anyway), I'm sure ill get around to it but in absolutely no rush

RE: [VIDEO] The Orville Season 3

fantastic 2nd episode , third season shaping up to be the best of all :)

[VIDEO] Rob Zombies The Munsters !!!!

bit of a strange one but loved the show so its a yes from me

RE: [VIDEO] Ms Marvel

Well the 1st episode is so much fun, definitely in, love the back story even though they changed her powers I'm assuming because the TV shows SFX would be too expensive but her parents are a hoot and watch after credits

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