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About this user: still have the old wharfy 750 now relegated to the bedroom... now all panasonic hometheatre/ multiregion dvd player...

likes `Baby Spice`
dislikes, anything to do with Brad Pitt/Friends/ or Robbie Williams. (oh, and Arsenal).

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Well I quite enjoyed the last two episodes, far better than Boba Fett or The Mandalorian

RE: Sandisk SD card

does it work on phones via an App?

I've used DiskDigger with varying results over the last few years

RE: New monitor recommendations

It would feel like putting a Ferrari body on a Volkswagen.

Porsche and Audi have been doing that for years!


Well I actually quite enjoyed this fourth Episode, can't call it Episode IV or it will all get too confusing!

It does seem however that some of the plot, is similar, like the escape and a tracking device being on board... perhaps that's why Leia later on say's 'They let us get escape?'

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It’s easy to spot Jedis: they all have hoods.

Or Jawa's?


Stick with it Ep 3 definitely makes it feel like something has finally got going though I'm still not impressed with the casting of Leia

Episode 3 was definitely a step up... I think the first episode was just trying to set the scene, lacked any real pace.

Jury is out here also on 'Leia' although did enjoy her cutting down her cousin!

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RE: Bunting?

plenty out the front of my house... and has been since last weekend!


well three episodes in, and I am quite enjoying it...  hope the story has legs!

RE: WiFi down

i just go to default setting, unplug, and then switch back on!

Everything else I leave to the wife... as I just lose my rag with it!

RE: Trial Depp n Ex

in general terms, no one is interested!

We have much more important things going on here, Platinum Jubilee celebrations, and a 4 day weekend coming up

RE: [VIDEO] Prehistoric Planet (Apple TV+)

Shame as a BBC production they aren't showing it, and its on PayTv

RE: Dino another day

What does dinosaur taste like? Chicken?

On the basis that Alligator and Snake does, I am going to say yes!

RE: Dino another day

I'm up for another slice of Jurassic Pie!

RE: [VIDEO] Arsenal 21/22 season

Great result today, along with Everton, sticking Leeds in that last relegation spot!

RE: Avatar sequels

Perhaps it was just me, but i thought despite the special effects Avatar was overhyped, and boring!

RE: Dennis waterman RIP

Terry and Arfur back together again... RIP Dennis

RE: Energy crisis

Yes, they are effectively 2.6kw batteries, and come in multiples of two


this may just bring back to the franchise...

RE: Energy crisis

I had PV Solar with Batteries fitted end of May 2021... my average duel fuel was £130 p/month, in January my supplier changed this to £50 p/month, as my electricity from grid had dwindled to less than 20% or previous 12 months.

My current monitor states I should receive £820 for past year for electricity exported to the grid (assuming the App has correct £/p value) - am just awaiting the first payment (April 2022).

Will then see how accurate it is...

System was £6200 fitted I estimated 10 year to pay for itself, given the rise in fuel costs, and if accurate the payment from grid, it will likely halve that... only wish is that I had installed two more batteries, and not exported anything to the grid, as clearly you pay more for what you buy, than what is given for that exported.

RE: The Oscars

Looks like Bad Boys 4 might not happen either.

I wouldn't think he's short of a few quid, so probably wont hurt him too much!

RE: [VIDEO] Boris the not-a-spider

How can you sell something, that produces nothing itself, and doesn't own anything it commissions... all you would be buying is the name/title.

RE: Peter Bowles RIP 85

loved him in Only When I Laugh with James Bolam... RIP

RE: Red sun

was Saharan sand in the atmosphere, and covering everything where it landed

RE: Warning if you shop mail order, and who doesn’t?

Should be EVRI cloud has a silver lining, until of course you realise is still Hermes!

RE: The Ipcress File

lost me after 25 minutes and turned over... totally agree should just be himself, and stop trying being a poor caricature of Sir Michael

RE: [VIDEO] Living on Youtube

Tony is busy walking around the UK, was walking through our village in Devon only a couple of weeks ago, he took time to stop and say hello, and just chat to people

RE: What is entertainment

Its just typical of how far entertainment values have fallen on tv, Ch4/Ch5 and most of the non terrestrial channels just trying to outdo one another with how outrageous they can be!

RE: Diesel & Petrol prices

I shall just go everywhere on my pushbike... it's total madness there is plenty of fuel, the oil companies have months worth in stockpiles around the UK, all panic buying will do is push the price up as the retailers get greedy!

RE: [VIDEO] Batten down the hatches, Ma. Storm`s a-comin`

blowing as hard here now as it did on Friday... and the rain coming down like sheets